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Ce matériel est conçu pour faciliter l'apprentissage des Wheeling.

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Wheeling stabilizer trolley also called Wheeling machine.

This educational tool facilitates the learning of rear wheels for beginners. It secures attempts by avoiding rollover and keeping the motorcycle in a straight line. However, it is not a guarantee to avoid all falls.


mounting on "hollow" rear wheel axle, "hollow with bearing" or on "solid" axle with bearing.

     If your wheel axle is full, you can attach the material to it simply with a cone that will enter the holes in it or with the same principle but with or bearing to avoid friction and wear (recommended for use frequent)
     If your bike is full, the bearing is mandatory and you must contact us to make a support adapted to your motorcycle.

Rear tie rod offset.

    On some motorcycles the pot is low and bulky. In this case it may touch part of the assembly, but we can make a different one that solves this problem


As for the crash cages choose your color and between a stronger liquid or epoxy paint.



If your vehicle is already fitted with non-original adaptable parts (exhaust, wheel hugger, etc.), there may be interference with the equipment offered. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask us, modifications are possible.

This equipment was not designed for use on the open road.

Although very effective, this equipment does not guarantee that your vehicle will not be damaged during your falls.

The photos presented are not contractual.



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