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Crash cages with 2 buffers per side for z 900

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- These crash cages are designed to be solid and effectively protect the motorcycle (engine, tank, handlebars, etc.) against falls. Even large and repeated with satisfactory longevity.

- This set comes with the screws necessary for assembly. (Possible re-use of some original screws of the bike).


- The assembly is done without modifications


- The option of ''AMORTI'' buffers adds behind the 2 buffers at the level of the fixings to the engine mounts (which will be sliding) a spring and a rubber to give it a shock absorber function which will allow it to effectively absorb shocks due to the falls.


- Choose the level of solidity according to your needs. For moderate and rare falls, it is not necessary to take excessively solid and heavy crash cages!


- We therefore offer 3 categories:

Light: Recommended for use on the go, on the track or for the gymkhana.

Medium: Rather recommended for gymkhana beginners who risk falling frequently, stunt riders, drifters and freeriders.

Heavy: To satisfy stunt riders and freeriders who prefer very strong protections to moderate weight protections.




If your vehicle is already fitted with non-original adaptable parts (exhaust, wheel hugger, etc.), there may be interference with the equipment offered. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask us, modifications are possible.

This equipment was not designed for use on the open road.

Although very effective, this equipment does not guarantee that your vehicle will not be damaged during your falls.

The photos presented are not contractual.

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