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» ROUND / SCRAP BARRE CBR 125 R 2011-2017

ROUND / SCRAP BARRE CBR 125 R 2011-2017

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ROUND / SCRAP BARRE stunt ou freeride pour CBR 125 R de 2011 à 2017

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This protection is intended to protect the rear of the motorcycle. In the event of a rollover (voluntary or not) it is this part which touches the ground instead of the hull or the rear lights. It is installed in place of the passenger handle, while also retaining the original shape. of it. (very useful to put a foot there during certain tricks). The default paint color is black, but it is possible to choose different colors as an option.ATTENTION! If your vehicle is already fitted with non-original adaptable parts (exhaust, wheel hugger, etc.), there may be interference with the equipment offered. In case of doubt do not hesitate to ask us, modifications are possible. This equipment was not designed for use on the open road.
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